HEAL London

Health Education and AIDS Liaison - a more intelligent approach

Contact us

By email

mike ***  at  *** heallondon  dot  org (done that way to prevent email harvesting by spammers)

By phone

+44 (0) 7890 475889

But please note: If we don't get back to you within two or three days, the reason could be one of these:

  1. We haven't had time - we aren't funded by pharmaceutical companies so still have to earn a living
  2. We are away and haven't picked up your message yet
  3. You left a number that didn't work when we tried it, or else we couldn't hear what you said
  4. You forgot to leave any contact details at all
  5. We mislaid the number after we'd deleted your message (this hasn't happened yet, but could conceivably do so)

We aren't just deliberately ignoring you, so if you haven't heard from us, try again.