HEAL London

Health Education and AIDS Liaison - a more intelligent approach

What can we offer you?


We can point people to sources of information about HIV diagnoses and conditions classified as AIDS that most medical professionals won't refer you to, perhaps because of their beliefs or because they are scared to due to the potential consequence for their medical careers.

Plus we have people associated with us who have expertise and knowledge in different aspects of the whole AIDS paradigm who, if they aren't able to answer your questions directly or immediately, will either be able to find out or point you to credible sources of information.


Exploring an approach to HIV/AIDS that is different from mainstream explanations can be extremely difficult when you are surrounded by people who either dismiss you as 'crazy' or 'in denial', ignore what you say or the questions you ask or even verbally attack you for asking awkward questions. It can be virtually impossible when you are the only person you know who is questioning what you are being told.

We organise meetings on a reasonably regular basis so you can get to meet up with others who have a similar mentality. Some people find that just knowing they are not the only one is an incredible relief in itself, and it provides a safe environment where you can share thoughts and experiences and ask questions without being psychologically trampled on.

Patient Advocacy

One goal is to provide practical support for people diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS, if they are having difficulty negotiating with medical authorities over taking a different approach to dealing with their circumstances. This may include visiting your doctor or specialist with you if circumstances are appropriate.


Like most organisations, one goal is to help a larger percentage of the population understand our approach to the HIV/AIDS paradigm and when we have the resources we will take action to influence public and official opinion on this.

Support for legal actions

Some AIDS rethinkers believe that it will only be when a successful legal case is brought against the AIDS orthodoxy will the house of cards finally begin to fall down. We have a strategy in place to do that. What we're looking for is someone who is willing to go public with their prosecution of the relevant oppressive authorities over their HIV+ diagnosis, and who won't back down when they are offered lots of money to go away, as some previous people have done. If you are seriously interested, please contact us.