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  • Want to meet other people who are challenging the orthodox perspective of AIDS?
  • Want to share stories with others who've had experiences that contradict what most people believe?
  • Want to be automatically informed of the details of future meetings?
  • Want to get to know others who you can personally ask questions about their experiences and understandings from a more thought-through, dissenting perspective.

If your own analysis of the situation leads you to form a different perspective about what's really going on with HIV/AIDS than what the vast majority of medical professionals, the media, and most people on the street believe, it's incredibly difficult to sustain that by yourself.

If you've been condemned by an HIV+ diagnosis as well or your partner has, so that it becomes a personal 'life-or-death' matter, it's even harder. There is a heck of a difference between intellectually analysing the situation from a disociated position, compared to having the issue slammed right up in your face, where the decisions you make could have a life-or-death significance to your or your partner.

Holding on to a different set of beliefs becomes much easier when you can associate in person or by email with people who think along the same lines as you. If you find yourself in that position of wanting to get to talk to and meet others we invite you to join HEAL London. It's as easy as subscribing to our Yahoo group.

it's a closed group so only members can read posts and moderated to avoid spam and unpleasant posts. Feel free to join.

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Recommended web sites

Other HEAL sites

HEAL Toronto - www.healtoronto.com - a large and well organised website with many unique articles that are relatively easy to read for people who aren't yet medical experts themselves

HEAL New York - http://www.healaids.com - Many articles and the original HEAL. Particularly good for articles raising issues around the corruption of medical science in general

For a complete list of other HEAL organisations to see if there is one nearer to you, try http://www.healtoronto.com/heal_net/

Other valuable websites - these are not the only ones, but a good place to pursue more information

House of Numbers www.houseofnumbers.com - the website for the film House of Numbers. This is a powerful film for people who have some difficulty trusting the written word alone, in particular because most of the people interviewed for this film are from the AIDS orthodoxy. View the trailer and comments and sign up to get updates about new developments. See also the House of Numbers Youtube channel and blog.

The Alberta Reappraising AIDS society http://aras.ab.ca/, led by David Crowe, a highly active and knowledgeable expert on all aspects of AIDS. This site has many valuable resources including downloads of many forms of HIV test and also many quotes from medical literature that are surprisingly not quite the solid endorsements of various aspects of AIDS science as one might expect.

Office of Medical and Scientific Justice http://www.omsj.org/, run by former LA policeman and now private investigator Clark Baker, with the byline "Because integrity is worth defending", OMSJ has been set up to investigate and report on incidents of corruption of truth within science and medicine, including HIV/AIDS.

Positive Parents - http://www.positiveparents.info/ - created by a mother diagnosed positive during her pregnancy, and aiming to assist other mothers facing the same dilemmas: Do the benefits of the drugs doctors recommend I should during pregnancy to prevent my baby being diagnosed HIV positive outweigh the risks? What if I don't want my baby to be given them?

NOT AIDS - http://notaids.com/, has a large variety of very interesting and observant articles, especially for those with a interest in some of the deeper technicalities of what is alleged to be HIV and AIDS, but also with valuable commentary and analysis of pronouncements by orthodox medicine on the subject.

Alive and Well - http://www.aliveandwell.org/, founded by high-profile HIV+ diagnosed activist Christine Maggiore, this site has much useful information and also holds monthly meetings in Los Angeles. After the tragic death of her daughter Eliza-Jane, which was deliberately and incompetently blamed on AIDS as a blatant political move, the website www.justiceforej.com was created which details the circumstances surrounding the case and progress of the legal action against the medical authorities. ** Current note: Since Christine's death, this site is not being updated. At the present time, we're not sure what's going to happen to it.

Immunity Resource Foundation - www.immunity.org, founded by medical journalist and documentary maker Joan Shenton, IRF is a registered charity to support the free access to the archives of Meditel, the TV production company, and Continuum, the pioneering AIDS journal that was many people's first hint that all was not well with AIDS science. Also provides access to many several documentaries and TV news items online, including some previously censored from being shown on UK TV.

Christine Maggiore's husband, Robin Scovill created the film 'The Other Side Of AIDS' - http://www.theothersideofaids.com/ where you can order the film (highly recommended - definitely worth having) and even download the transcript for free. But watching the film is good.

Help for HIV - http://www.helpforhiv.com/ - an excellent site for those just stumbling across alternative information about AIDS, with clear explanations of some of the fundamental faults in HIV/AIDS and a short but powerful video that you can watch online.

Gary Null's guide to natural living - http://www.garynull.com/. Gary has produced three documentaries on AIDS, the latest of which, 'AIDS, Inc' features contributions from HEAL London, and is a very comprehensive and recommended video to have.

"The origin, persistence and failings of HIV/AIDS theory" by Henry Bauer - website to accompany his authoritative book - http://www.failingsofhivaidstheory.homestead.com/ . This book is a highly recommended read for anyone who has at least some ability to read the slightly formalised and detailed scientific format that is perhaps closer to a published research paper than an easy-to-read consumer-oriented book. His book has the most authoritative analysis of the bias of HIV testing against people of African origin published anywhere.

AIDS Myth Exposed forum - www.aidsmythexposed.com . This is the largest HIV/AIDS forum on MSN now and is staffed by highly committed moderators. It is a great place for people to ask questions that they don't have answers to. However, to ensure that many basic questions are not asked repeatedly there is a list of documents that you are required to read before you join the forum. In other words, you are required to do a fair amount of brushing up before you get to ask questions, so the quality of questions and discussion on the forum remains high. You may find many of your basic questions have been answered by this stage. Highly recommended, because the documents you are required to read first are a distillation out of the thousands available that will get to the nub of most of the issues and save you a considerable amount of time.

Rethinking AIDS - http://rethinkingaids.com/ The group for the scientific reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis official website with a variety of documents from people with the highest scientific credentials

How positive are you? http://www.howpositiveareyou.com - a very easy to listen to and very valuable regular audio blog with all kinds of revealing information and fascinating interviews from a questioning perspective. Highly recommended for people who are new to this.

New AIDS Review / Science Guardian - http://www.newaidsreview.org/blog/index.php - an outstanding blog eviscerating the rotten underbelly of AIDS science, business and politics, and now branching out to peek behind the facade of other scientific paradigms. Keeping a running sanity check on the pronouncements purportedly to be science by virtue of being made by a person with a clipboard wearing a white lab coat. A large back catalogue of comprehensive articles dealing with AIDS science and it is written by someone with a rare combination of being a scientific insider, an ability to translate that into language for ordinary mortals, serated-edged wit and most importantly, a determination to seek the truth. Not for the hard-of-thinking or those who've had an irony bypass.

Treatment Information Group - http://www.tig.org.za/. The South African website run by Advocate and former magistrate Anthony Brink to expose the reality of AIDS drugs in South Africa. Has many outstanding downloadable documents including some information about AZT in native South African languages Xhosa and Zulu. Although a legal expert, his writing is clear and incisive for the non-expert and much of it is bitingly funny as well. It was Anthony Brink's original writing on AZT that brought to Thabo Mbeki's attention the fact that he had been misled about AIDS drugs and initiated his own personal investigation into what was really going on with AIDS science.

The Perth Group - http://www.theperthgroup.com/. The Perth group of doctors have done more than most to expose and document in peer-reviewed medical journals some of the most serious deficiencies in the claims for HIV's actual existence and the validity of HIV testing among other things. This site is a collection of most of their writings and interviews that have also been published elsewhere. Their technical articles, though very authoritative, clear and well structured to someone familiar with scientific papers, can be hard to follow for someone just getting used to the various bits of terminology and detailed microbiology. However, their interviews are excellent and easy to understand.

Virusmyth.net - http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/. Robert Laarhoven's now historical website (it hasn't been updated since 2002). However, this massive depository of over 1000 authoritative articles, many published either in scientific journals or by highly credentialled scientists as well as investigative journalists is not obsolete. The reason is that the fundamental basic issues that have dogged AIDS science since the very beginning are still unresolved, and the wide ranging articles here are a very important part of the depository of documented challenges to the orthodox paradigm and many articles are still widely referred to.

AIDS Myth Buster - http://www.aidsmyth.addr.com/ - Fintan Dunne and Kathy McMahon's website especially pointing out some of the paradoxes about the orthodox AIDS paradigm. Ie, things that don't add up, if the orthodox HIV/AIDS paradigm were to be true. Has an animation to explain some of the myths about AIDS.

AltHeal - www.altheal.org. The site that first published Liam Scheff's account of the child abuse at the Incarnation Children's Centre in New York, where (mostly black and latino) children who were taken into the 'care' of social services were experimented on with toxic AIDS drugs. It also contains a number of accounts and interviews, and some valuable information for those who have been suffering poor health and some of the nutritional things that can be done to rectify problems.

Dr Roberto Giraldo's website - www.robertogiraldo.com. Roberto's website has several interesting articles he's written and includes information on nutritional approaches to dealing with poor health that is usually attributed to HIV. Roberto has considerable experience at dealing effectively with patients classified as AIDS patients, and without using anti-retroviral drugs.

HIV Questions on Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/hivquestions. For those who insist on getting all their information via video, here is an excellent selection of mostly short videos sharing perspectives that challenge many orthodox perspectives about AIDS.

Interview podcasts - http://apart.libsyn.com/. Fascinating interviews with a variety of experts who take a dissenting stance on AIDS.

Living Without HIV Drugs - http://www.livingwithouthivdrugs.com - A site for those who have been diagnosed HIV+ and are fighting back against the heavily-funded propaganda that AIDS drugs are life-saving, and recounting their stories of living without AIDS drugs, or having taken them for only short periods of time before quitting.

Anti-RetroViral Facts - http://www.arv-facts.com/main.html. A site by The Rath Foundation showing from both published literature and the literature from the pharmaceutical companies themselves, how so-called anti-retroviral drugs cause serious harm to the immune system. An easy-to-navigate and clearly presented site, with additional information about how people in the third world are prevented from seeing the warnings on the drugs they are given because they are re-packaged.

AIDS is Over - http://aidsisover.com/. A site by Fintan Dunne, visually appealing and with a number of useful video and audio links easily accessible. It also contains links to some interesting threads on his discussion forum.

Fear of the Invisible - http://www.fearoftheinvisible.com/ - The site for Janine Robert's book of the same name, documenting her journey through vaccines, AIDS and virology. Contains a number of fascinating articles of interest in and of themselves, which are extracts from the book. Makes you want to read the whole book.

David Rasnick's website - http://www.davidrasnick.com/David_Rasnick/Home.html. David Rasnick is a scientist and protease inhibitor designer, who originally got into AIDS research because he wanted to help solve the problem of AIDS. Bearing in mind that he has designed protease inhibitors, he emphatically says they should not be used to treat AIDS patients. His website has a number of very interesting articles and bits of video. Note that in some of the things he writes / talks as though HIV definitely exists. Whereas the official HEAL London stance is that there is insufficient evidence that HIV exists as an exogenous infectious retrovirus, David's work shows that even if it does exist as claimed by the AIDS orthodoxy, it STILL doesn't make sense at any level from molecular biology upwards to epidemiology.

Peter Duesberg's website - http://www.duesberg.com/. Peter Duesberg was one of the early scientists with serious credibility who poured serious doubt on the notion that HIV causes AIDS. He has suffered heavy financial and career consequences for having the courage to stand up and challenge the band-wagon and stick to his opinions. One comment to make about his stance is that he doesn't challenge the existence of HIV or the validity of HIV tests, but his work is extremely valuable in showing any putative HIV is not a credible cause of AIDS and that other non-infectious factors play a far more important role among other perspectives.

John Lauritsen's website - http://paganpressbooks.com/jpl/AIDS.HTM. John was one of the earliest critics of the then-rapidly evolving orthodox AIDS paradigm. As a statistician he has dismembered some orthodox claims by exposing flaws in their statistical analysis.  But he has also emerged as an unrelenting investigator in the history of, among other things, how AZT got licensed, the role of poppers, and a wise analyst of sociological and psychological factors involved in the emergence and persistence of the HIV/AIDS paradigm. His writing is very enjoyable and compelling to read to read for it's clarity, precision and ability to home in on the most relevant factors.

What can we offer you?


We can point people to sources of information about HIV diagnoses and conditions classified as AIDS that most medical professionals won't refer you to, perhaps because of their beliefs or because they are scared to due to the potential consequence for their medical careers.

Plus we have people associated with us who have expertise and knowledge in different aspects of the whole AIDS paradigm who, if they aren't able to answer your questions directly or immediately, will either be able to find out or point you to credible sources of information.


Exploring an approach to HIV/AIDS that is different from mainstream explanations can be extremely difficult when you are surrounded by people who either dismiss you as 'crazy' or 'in denial', ignore what you say or the questions you ask or even verbally attack you for asking awkward questions. It can be virtually impossible when you are the only person you know who is questioning what you are being told.

We organise meetings on a reasonably regular basis so you can get to meet up with others who have a similar mentality. Some people find that just knowing they are not the only one is an incredible relief in itself, and it provides a safe environment where you can share thoughts and experiences and ask questions without being psychologically trampled on.

Patient Advocacy

One goal is to provide practical support for people diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS, if they are having difficulty negotiating with medical authorities over taking a different approach to dealing with their circumstances. This may include visiting your doctor or specialist with you if circumstances are appropriate.


Like most organisations, one goal is to help a larger percentage of the population understand our approach to the HIV/AIDS paradigm and when we have the resources we will take action to influence public and official opinion on this.

Support for legal actions

Some AIDS rethinkers believe that it will only be when a successful legal case is brought against the AIDS orthodoxy will the house of cards finally begin to fall down. We have a strategy in place to do that. What we're looking for is someone who is willing to go public with their prosecution of the relevant oppressive authorities over their HIV+ diagnosis, and who won't back down when they are offered lots of money to go away, as some previous people have done. If you are seriously interested, please contact us.

Contact us

By email

mike ***  at  *** heallondon  dot  org (done that way to prevent email harvesting by spammers)

By phone

+44 (0) 7890 475889

But please note: If we don't get back to you within two or three days, the reason could be one of these:

  1. We haven't had time - we aren't funded by pharmaceutical companies so still have to earn a living
  2. We are away and haven't picked up your message yet
  3. You left a number that didn't work when we tried it, or else we couldn't hear what you said
  4. You forgot to leave any contact details at all
  5. We mislaid the number after we'd deleted your message (this hasn't happened yet, but could conceivably do so)

We aren't just deliberately ignoring you, so if you haven't heard from us, try again.

About HEAL London

HEAL London is a non-profit voluntary organisation whose primary purpose is to provide support and education to people diagnosed HIV+ or with illnesses that have been classified as AIDS. It is run by people whose lives have been affected by HIV+ in one way or another. We are affiliated with other HEAL groups (Health Education and AIDS Liaison) round the world as well as having close connections with a number of other groups and individuals who call for a rethink in the way AIDS is approached by most medical authoritiies at present.

How are we different from other AIDS organisations?

What makes us different is taking a more questioning and critical approach to dealing with the whole subject, which is - dare we say - less hysterical, more analytical and, in our opinion, much closer to the truth and reality than the vast majority of HIV/AIDS organisations.

There is also a fair amount of evidence that our perspectives on AIDS are much more effective at prolonging people's lives than the model of AIDS perpetuated by most medical authorities. They will help people not only help people have a future to look forward to, but help people enjoy that future considerably more than simply taking the life-shortening and often debilitatingly-toxic AIDS drugs that are the primary solution offered by most medical authorities.

We believe the perspectives and sources we consider far more credible than most medical authorities are much more empowering for people diagnosed HIV+  than the approach taken by the vast majority of other AIDS organisations.

What's our agenda?

Ultimately, to save lives and quality of lives, which is probably very similar to most other HIV / AIDS organisations.

However, we believe it is dangerous and misleading to sublimate your critical faculties to unquestioning faith in the medical profession and other well-meaning but often misguided or misled do-gooders. It's clear that some of the most prominent campaigners on AIDS either get paid handsomely for it (Bill Clinton, for example), or else do not appear to have ever spent any time closely examining alternative explanations of what is going on. One of the few prominent politicians who has examined the issue in detail is former South African president Thabo Mbeki, who has read extensively on this issue.

We believe it is safer to ask awkward questions, seek alternative opinions and take personal responsibility for weighing up the facts and making your own decisions. We'll help you with information that other HIV and AIDS support organisations won't share with you.

What's the HEAL London perspective on HIV/AIDS then?

The table below shows some of the differences between our stance and that of the AIDS orthodoxy, and members will agree with some, most or all of it. Please note that these are very summarised positions - there is considerablely more detail that can accompany these points.

 The orthodox AIDS model  HEAL London

HIV has been proven to exist many times. 

No such retrovirus that could credibly be called 'HIV' ever been proven to exist properly at all, in the way that most people would understand the phrase 'proven to exist'. What is mistakenly taken to be proof of a retrovirus is always laboratory phenomena already known to be non-specific.

There has never been a single case of a any retrovirus that could plausibly be called 'HIV' found directly in a single person, ever – that means 'HIV' has never actually been isolated directly from any body fluid, such as blood, semen, saliva, breast milk, or urine. Instead, to find 'HIV' they take cells from the body and biochchemically torture them until they produce particles.

Everyone can produce retroviral particles that would be presumed to be 'HIV' particles if their cells were put through the same torturous processes that are used to produce ‘HIV’ – it’s a natural characteristic of cells that are being stressed. That's why there is a lack of adequate scientific controls in the experiments that claim to have 'proven' HIV exists.

 HIV causes a depletion in CD4 cells leading to immune deficiency. Thus, HIV causes AIDS.

Mainly for the reason above, expressed particles classified as HIV by retrovirologists have never been shown to kill CD4 cells and in fact there is no widely accepted model as to how these particles could actually cause CD4 cell depletion. All the theories proposed so far are not really compatible with empirical evidence. In fact, there is no credible evidence that any retroviral-type particle has ever been shown to cause any human disease, let alone death.

By contrast, increasing evidence suggests that particles produced under stress that were presumed to be infectious retroviruses are part of the body's attempts to cope with difficult environmental circumstances, by repairing genetic damage or changing the DNA to handle challenging circumstances more effectively.Thus, these particles expressed when cells are genuinely under stress are not the cause of the problem - they are actually part of the body's attempt at a solution.

 HIV is transmitted sexually during unprotected sex (ie, without condoms), especially anal sex. Condoms effectively stop HIV from being transmitted.

There is no evidence that withstands scrutiny that any retrovirus has ever been transferred successfully from one person to another by any means. The notion that an alleged immune system-ravaging retrovirus has been proved to be sexually transmitted is utter guesswork without scientific substance. It is simply not supported by scientific evidence at either a microbiological level or an epidemiological level, or anywhere in between.

With our present knowledge it appears that the notion that any retroviral particles are exogenous (ie, originating from outside the body) was merely an original assumption that has never been confirmed. Multiple studies have shown that the notion of a specific sexually-transmitted virus causing HIV+ diagnoses or AIDS is simply not a credible explanation for the empirically observed phenomena.

In controlled studies, even when there is 'unsafe' penetrative sex (ie, without condoms) between people diagnosed HIV+ and people who are not, it does not correlate in an increase in HIV+ diagnoses, and that other behavioural differences such as number of partners ke a noticeable difference to HIV+ diagnosis rates, even though differences in rates of other sexually transmitted infections are noticed.

This further undermines the notion that what causes HIV+ diagnoses has any inherent relationship with sex. There are other reasons for ill-health and HIV+ diagnoses that are more co-incident with sex in some circumstances that misleadingly give the impression that sex itself is the relevant factor.

 HIV can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or through suckling.

There is no evidence that , if it were to be shown to exist, an alleged infectious retrovirus has been transferred from mother to child. However, we do know that non-specific antibodies that children are born with may temporarily show up as positive on HIV tests, most of which go away again within two years. This means that babies may be diagnosed HIV+ when born but many become negative again within a couple of years.

Being diagnosed HIV+ my be partly caused simply by the process of being created in the womb and taking on board mother's antibodies, either in the womb or in breastmilk, especially because we already know that many mothers may be diagnosed HIV+ while they are pregnant and some while after the pregnancy has ended they may be diagnosed HIV negative again. Studies have shown that babies prevented from breastfeeding because their mothers have been diagnosed HIV+ do considerably worse than mothers who continue breastfeeding.

 HIV can be transmitted directly via blood, such as needlestick injuries, re-used needles or contaminated blood products.  Again, no evidence that withstands scrutiny that this alleged virus has been transferred to anyone by any means including contaminated needles or blood products. However, we do know that for different reasons, different groups such as haemophiliacs and drug users can show up positive on HIV tests for reasons that have nothing to do with an infectious retrovirus.
 HIV tests are a very reliable way of determining HIV infection.

No type of HIV test, or combination of tests, has ever been standardised by using an actual human retrovirus, and to claim that they are reliable is scientifically incorrect and essentially fraudulent. Instead of a 'chain of proof' that would normally be used to link a diagnosis with the thing the test is supposed to be diagnosing, such as with pregnancy tests, HIV+ diagnoses are produced from a chain of assumptions and presumptions. This is because no-one has produced robust evidence that they thing they are supposed to be measuring actually exists.

All the proteins used in HIV antibody tests have been shown to be produced by the body from inherent processes, and there are over 60 physiological conditions (including many real medical conditions) that can produce false positives - but some of these conditions are also relatively benign such as vaccinations and pregnancy.

Everybody has antibodies that can trigger positive responses on HIV tests, it’s just a question of whether or not you have enough to hit some arbitrary number so as to be labelled ‘HIV+’, or not. There is no robust evidence that show that HIV tests are inherently a reliable predictor of death or ill-health either and have even correlated with some health-protective effect in some circumstances. In some environments they have been shown to be completely irrelevant to health outcomes.

But some of the conditions that can trigger false positives on HIV tests are themselves unhealthy so there will inevitably be some correlation between HIV+ diagnoses and ill-health. However, believing that an HIV+ diagnosis means infection with a deadly illness does tend to become a self-fulfilling prophesy of ill-health and death. The medical profession continually portrays this diagnosis as implicitly a predictor of inevitable immune system decline and death, but when you know more about this you realise this is not so at all. The intense fear, stress and depression associated with an HIV+ diagnosis and believing you are going to die much sooner itself has a profoundly detrimental effect on many people's health by itself.

Therefore, when you carefully select which group of people to look at, there does at first superficially appear to be a causal relationship between HIV+ diagnoses and ill-health. But this is nothing like 'proof of an immune-system-destroying retrovirus'. What is more dangerous about this is that it misleads people into taking inappropriate steps to look after their health - ignoring any real causes of ill-health if any are present, and taking ultimately-deadly chemotherapy to save them from a non-existent virus.

 There is no cure for HIV infection or AIDS.  There are plenty of people who were diagnosed HIV+ at one point and subsequently reverted to negative. And there are people who have been diagnosed with AIDS who are now well because they took a more holistic approach to looking after their well-being, avoided taking AIDS drugs, and did not believe they had a death sentence.
 CD4 counts and viral load tests are valuable tools for measuring the strength of the immune system versus HIV and for monitoring the progress of treatment.

 CD4 counts are medically acknowledged to be useless at predicting long-term well-being because they do not reflect a person's true health. Many healthy people have low CD4 counts, such as athletes often do. Viral load tests have also shown to correlate very poorly with health outcomes, and despite many doctors believing them useful in 'monitoring AIDS treatment', no viral load test can even identify the existence of so-called 'HIV'.

Additionally, viral load tests and CD4 counts have been shown to have virtually no correlation with each other, indicating that they are essentially unrelated. This fundamentally undermines the notion that viral load tests are measuring anything meaningful to one's health.

 Anti-retroviral drugs have proved to be valuable life-saving medications that have improved considerably over time, making AIDS a chronic but manageable illness.

 All AIDS drugs have potentially serious and life-threatening side-effects including death for some people. Liver failure is the leading cause of death of people taking AIDS drugs, and it has been acknowledged that the AIDS drugs are doing this. At least one study has shown that AIDS drugs are as effective at prolonging life as poverty and squalor, malnutrition, and polluted and infected water - ie, not at all.

By contrast, the people who live longest and who are most likely to live normal healthy lives after their HIV+ diagnosis are those discount it's claimed significance and who look after their physical and mental health in a holistic manner, as numerous examples round the world demonstrate.