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Michael Savage exposes AIDS fraud on top radio show

One of the most listened-to and right-wing radio presenters in the US, Michael Savage, has hosted an astonishing segment by Robert Scott Bell exposing on national media in the US for quite possibly the first time, serious flaws in the HIV/AIDS paradigm. Michael Savage has described himself as being 'To the right of Rush [Limbaugh, another right-wing radio show host] and hit the headlines in June 2009 for being the first top US media personality to be banned from the UK, the first to be banned from any western nation according to his own webpage. He regularly gets between 8-10 million listeners a week and is in the top 3 or 4 most listened-to and widely-syndicated radio shows.

It is therefore all the more astonishing, as right-wing commentators are generally regarded as being more sympathetic to medical authority, that he allowed Robert Scott Bell to do the piece exposing corruption of science in AIDS research. Robert Scott Bell highlights the structural comparisons between 'climategate' over the scientific fraud regarding global warming revealed by the emails that acknowledged cover up of corrupted information, and distortion of information regarding AIDS science. He plays some of Luc Montagnier's comments revealing the impotance of oxidative stress as a key role in AIDS, as revealed here, and also reveals the lack of sexual transmission revealed by the Padian study.

This is worth listening to on it's own account, but especially, having been asked to preserve that segment as it is expected it may be withdrawn from official sources, you can listen to it here, while you can.