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Recommended Book List

“Positively False – exposing the myths around HIV and AIDS”, Joan Shenton, I.B. Taurus 1998

This book documents Joan and her team’s journey exploring the world of AIDS in the UK and round the world, providing considerable more detail to their findings than could be presented in their documentaries. The underlying explanations as to why so many AIDS orthodoxy’s claims do not withstand scrutiny are easy to understand, a very good book to start with as the underlying issues have not changed much since the book was published.

“The Origin, Persistence, and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory”, Henry Bauer, McFarland and Co, Inc, 2007

This is a more forensic approach to dismantling the claims of HIV/AIDS, with considerable more statistical detail as well as discussions about the politics of science. This book has three chapters examining and explaining the bias of HIV diagnoses towards black people. For most people, not the kind of easy-to-read introduction to the subject, more suited to those with existing knowledge or with a strong academic mindset, but great to dip into when researching a particular topic.

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Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts

I bought this book because from her previous writing I already knew that the author had analysed some of the same source documents about the discovery of HIV that I had and come to the same conclusions. It was already a subject about which I considered myself fairly knowledgeable so I was eager to see what a whole book's worth of investigation would reveal. In the event I found it absolutely stunning to read.

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