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Author of 'AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science' sues for libel

Celia Farber, the author of the controversial 2006 Harpers magazine article, 'Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science', has filed a libel suit against three prominent commentators who support the AIDS orthdoxy. Her article attracted a lot of attention, and Robert Gallo lent his name to a document called 'Errors in Celia Farber's March 2006 article in Harpers Magazine', listing what they claimed were 56 specific errors. This was extensively rebutted and documented by Rethinking AIDS and others.

When Celia Farber and Peter Duesberg were given 'Clean Hands' awards by the Semmelweiss society the attacks on Celia Farber were stepped up into what amounted to a smear campaign against her. This led to an investigation by former LAPD police officer and private investigator Clark Baker at the request of the Semmelweiss society. He said, "After having investigated thousands of crimes and arrested hundreds of criminal gang members and other assorted predators, I know a criminal enterprise when I see one.  HIV/AIDS makes Enron look like a neighborhood poker game."

So now, in an action that she described as 'taking back the neighbourhood', Celia Farber has filed for libel against some of the perpetrators. We await this with interest, because if it is decided in court that the claims made against her were libellous, then it seriously weakens the scientific criticisms of her article and undermines others who associated their names with those criticisms, such as prominent spokesman for the AIDS orthodoxy Dr John Moore and a driving force behind the ironically-named AIDSTruth.com, and also Dr Robert Gallo.