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Author of 'AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science' sues for libel

Celia Farber, the author of the controversial 2006 Harpers magazine article, 'Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science', has filed a libel suit against three prominent commentators who support the AIDS orthdoxy. Her article attracted a lot of attention, and Robert Gallo lent his name to a document called 'Errors in Celia Farber's March 2006 article in Harpers Magazine', listing what they claimed were 56 specific errors. This was extensively rebutted and documented by Rethinking AIDS and others.

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Shocking and unexpected revelation: Sleep affects immune system

The first candidate for the annual ‘science stating the bleeding obvious' prize of 2009 is a study just published that shows that quality and length of sleep can affect your immune system. Specifically, getting less sleep and / or poorer quality sleep makes your immune system less able to fight off infections. This should surely not be a big surprise to most people who have at some point in their lives been run down to some extent and have had less than adequate quantity and quality of sleep. But clearly, scientists felt it was important enough to get some quantitative measure of effect.

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Leading scientists call for Gallo's AIDS papers to be withdrawn

In a stunning move, a group of respected research scientists, medical doctors, lawyers and journalists, in association with Rethinking AIDS - the group calling for the scientific reappraisal of AIDS are issuing a letter to the highly-respected journal Science, calling for research papers to be withdrawn. But these are not ordinary papers, they are the original papers co-authored by Dr Robert Gallo in which he claimed to have found the 'probable' cause of AIDS in 1984. These papers went on to become the most referenced papers in science, and in turn, papers that referenced those papers now form part of the alleged 'mountain of evidence' that HIV causes AIDS.

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Serious Cracks Showing in HIV/AIDS

Serious Cracks are at last starting to show in HIV/AIDS and be made visible via mainstream media. After a revelatory article in The Independent  admitting that there is not going to be any heterosexual HIV epidemic, Liam Scheff has expanded on the points made to expose more comprehensively the massive credibility gap in basic claims about HIV being sexually transmitted. You can read his calmly expressed yet still savage article here.